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Boulanger codes

General Boulanger

1837 - 1891

Jean-Marie Boulanger, General and War Minister.

The Boulanger codes of the Langres fortifications

In 1886-1887, the War Minister, General Boulanger, decided to give codenames to all the barracks and forts. These codenames were drawn from the names of illustrious battles or military commanders.

Fort Code When Who
Montlandon Mortier 1834 - 1835 Soldier and politician
Cognelot Vercingétorix 82 - 46 BC Leader of a rebellion against the Romans
Peigney Constance Chlore 260 - 306 General and Roman emperor
la Pointe de Diamant Defrance 1771 - 1855 General
Saint-Menge Ligniville 1782 - 1840 Soldier
Bonnelle Décres 1761-1820 Vice-admiral
Dampierre Magalotti Died 1645 General
Plesnoy Médavy 1665 - 1725 Maréchal de France

Map of the fortification of Langres

(Simplified version of an original in a article written in French, by Emmanuel Chiffre and Denis Mathis)

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