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Association « Fort de Peigney »
La Mairie
rue Constance Chlore
52200 Peigney

Phone: +33 (0)3 25 87 00 74
Fax: +33 (0)3 25 87 07 21

An association of volunteers for the preservation of the fort of Peigney

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In France, an « association » is a sort of charity or club with a defined legal status.

The association « Fort de Peigney » was created at the end of 2014 with the aim of preserving, restoring, and promoting the fort « Constance Chlore », which belongs to the town of Peigney.

The work of securing and clearing the site, began in February 2015. Overall the fort is in good condition and the rooms are relatively dry, but there are a lot of trees and undergrowth to be removed on the ramparts. Since 2016, we offer guided tours and use the fort for various exhibitions and shows.

Work already started or done

  • Rebuild of the tractor.
  • The roof of the guard post.
  • Construction a car park.
  • Removal of the rubble from the room of the counter-weights of the drawbridge.
  • Cutting trees and clearing the north bastion.
  • Improvement of the drainage of the inner dry moat.
  • Making railings for the stairs to the first floor in the troop barracks.
  • Cutting trees in the inner dry moat and in front of the fort.
  • Cutting trees and clearing the ground above the officers' barracks.
  • Construction of dry toilets.
  • Construction of a fence and a cabin for the male goat.
  • Beginning of the repair of the masonry on the guard post.
  • Cleaning the cellars of the officers' barracks.
  • Cleaning of the officers' building and preparation of a room for exhibitions.
  • Securing the railings on the bridge, in collaboration with the municipality.
  • Installation of an electrical network.
  • Cutting trees in the inner dry moat.
  • Start of replacement of the roof of the guardhouse.
  • Partial unblocking of the sewers.
  • Cleaning the defensive banks on both sides of the guard post as far as the black powder magazines.
  • Clearing a path on the rampart of the inner dry moat.
  • Fitting of metal grills on the wells.
  • Cutting trees in the inner moat near the bridge.
  • Installation of a door, glazing and locks on the guardpost.
  • Cleaning the moss on the moat wall near the bridge.
  • Cutting the trees on the south bastion and on the officer' barracks.
  • Creation of the association.

Work to be done in the coming months

  • Cut up the numerous trees felled by the winter storms.
  • Re-joint the mortar on the stonework of the guard post.
  • Repair the large breach in the wall of the moat.
  • Make a kitchen in a room of the officers barracks.

Normaly the volunteers, none of whom receive any payment, work on the site on Friday afternoons and all day Saturday. Certain members, notably those who are retired, work at the fort most days of the week.

Facebook page

facebook Visit the Facebook page of the association. (French, but with lots of photos)

Legal information


President: Monsieur Bernard STIVALET
Secretary: Madame Évelyne DAUTREY
Tresurer: Madame Claudine AUBERT


Identification RNA : W522001616
Number SIRET : 810 086 579 00010

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