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Office de Tourisme, Pays de Langres The area of Langres and the 4 lakes

Tourism in and around Langres and the region of the four lakes.
(French and English)

Fortifications de Langres Fortifications of Langres

The fortifications of Langres from Roman times to the present day.

Coat of arms of Peigney.
						(Ermine topped with two gold cinquefoils on a red background) The commune of Peigney

Our thanks to the town council of Peigney, the owner of the fort, and in particular the mayor, Monsieur Robert Ottiger, for their support of the association.

fortiffsere.fr Fortiff'Séré

The site of the association Séré de Rivières, by Julie and Cédric Vaubourg, is a comprehensive encyclopedia of all the fortifications of the late 19th century in France.

Fort de la Pointe de Diamant Fort de la Pointe de Diamant

This fort, a few kilometres west of the town of de Langres, has been restored and is open to the public for visits.

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